Climbing in Kelsey Kerridge Tradding in the Peak district


KMKA organises weekly (more frequently if there’s demand) sessions to a local climbing wall. We provide all the equipment you may need (harnesses, ropes etc), simply come along in a pair of trainers, but if you’ve got your own stuff your more than welcome to bring that along. Our usual haunt is the nearby Kelsey Kerridge wall, upgraded and expanded at the end of 2010, it Harlow provides a perfectly adequate bouldering venue in Cambridge. For more adventurous/advanced routes we regularly go to Harlow climbing wall (and occasionally Peterborough), if you’re looking to push your grade and/or try out some leading, these are definitely the trips for you!

Enjoyed our climbing trips? Looking to buy some shoes? See our Gear page for some advice.

Bored of climbing indoors? Want to feel the sun on your back and the rain in your face? Keep your eyes peeled for our trips further afield to sport or trad venues, especially during the Easter vac and on our summer trip but also in term time, watch this space...

If you’re interested in any of our climbing adventures or have any questions, drop us an email at and make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list to keep you aware of what’s going on.

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