Meet the Committee...



Name Anthony DeSouza-Edwards

Year 4th

Subject NatSci

Bio Anthony is involved in all aspects of the club. He's proved himself to be a competent climber and kayaker and reliable out on the hillside. There is the little matter of the swimming-in-the-loch incident, but that's a good tale for round the fire on an evening now!


Kayaking Captain

Name James Temple

Year 3rd

Subject Engineering

Bio New to the committee, but a practised kayak polo player, James has recently taken over running day-to-day kayaking for the club. Look forward to his company on morning paddles and on the polo 'pitch'.


Hiking Officer

Name George Turley

Year 3rd

Subject History & Theology

Bio George runs the clubs hiking operations, organising local walks, night hikes and orienteering exercises and planning bigger adventures further afield.



Name Max Hewkin Smith

Year 7th

Subject Engineering PhD

Bio Most commonly seen repeatedly rolling his kayak on the river, but also a pro at calculating the most economical routes to drive down France and a fearless rock monkey. Has been known to faff.



Name Andrew Munro

Year 7th

Subject Clinical Medicine and Immunology PhD

Bio Ex-president of the club, in semi retirement, now responsible for the finances as well as kit, purchasing and maintenance. Seen in the wild both on the river and the crag but originally from a hiking and camping background, see if you can keep up uphill... Has been known to wimp out half way up a route though. The man to talk to if you want to borrow some club gear or to know how to put that tent up.


Old duffer

Name James Taylor

Year 8th

Subject Engineering PhD

Bio The old man of the club, James has been running kayaking in King’s for as long as anyone else can remember. But that’s not all, he’s an accomplished climber, at the crag he’s out on the end of that rope pushing his grade and at the wall he’s happy to give you some tips on your technique. The ‘go to’ guy if you need something making, repairing or even just doing.