Kayak Polo on King's Funday 2012 Well deserved refreshments in Grantchester Group outing on the Cam

Kayaking on the Cam

King’s Mountaineering and Kayaking Association provides kayaks for members of the college to use on the Cam all year round. The service is free, but you must have undertaken a safety induction. These are usually run at the start of Michaelmas and Easter terms, so keep an eye A quiet evening paddle on the Cam on your inboxes or the fresher’s fair for details, alternatively email kayaks@kscu.org.uk for more info.

Once you’ve completed your induction you are on the ‘kayaking list’ for life, just head up to the Porters lodge to get the key. There are a few interesting places you can paddle to , check out the board in the gear cupboard for ideas, it’ll also help you select the right kit for the right boat.

The club runs weekly paddling sessions throughout the year, it is a great way to get out of your room and see the sights of Cambridge, provided you don’t mind a bit of rain or snow ... or ice. In addition to the relaxed weekly paddle, look out for:

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